Edge Rush

Welcome to the space shooter where you spawn an edge barrier to heal yourself but at the cost of your final score. Can you defeat all 6 Bosses and reach the end with the most coins?

Works best on desktop, web version may have very occasional slowdowns when loading bosses.


GrapefruitChili - Producer and Designer (@GentleElfGames)
Kit - Gameplay and Systems Developer
Goldie - 3D Modeler and Artist
Timbre Audio - Sound Design & Music


Action Keyboard Mouse Gamepad
Move WASD, Arrow keys Middle Mouse Button and Move Left Joystick
Shoot Space, Z Left Click Right Trigger, South Button
Switch Weapons E/Q
Scroll Wheel Right/Left Shoulders
Dpad Up, Left, Right
Activate Health Lanes Tab Right Click East button

Made for VimJam 2 in 10 days!
Jam build is version 1.1 for all platforms


EdgeRush1.1_win.zip 67 MB
EdgeRush1.1_mac.zip 79 MB
EdgeRush1.1_linux.zip 84 MB

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